Planted Seven million trees

Costa Rica will carry out the planting program 7 million trees during 2008. According to the Minister For The Environment and Energy of Roberto Dobles, this program aimed at absorbing gas of greenhouse emissions and to make Costa Rica the country penetral first carbon in the world. This was the follow-up to the program that was carried out by his country during 2007 that is planting 5 million trees to prevent environmental damage. (more…)


Unsyiah Rector: “Keep on Community Development based on Nursery in Aceh”

The visit by the rector of Unsyiah fanned the enthusiasm of the members of the Ingin Sejahtera Farmers Group, a proof that they were doing the right thing to improve their lives. Darni Daud, the rector of Syah Kuala University (Unsyiah), Banda Aceh, could not hide his admiration during his visit to the community-based nursery run by 20 members of the Ingin Sejahtera Farmers Group in Jruek Balee Village, Aceh Besar Regency, Aceh, last February. (more…)

Stop logging in the Tropical Forest

Prince Charles of England proved to care on the natural ecosystem. He called to stop logging in the Tropical rainforest all over the world, to reduce the impact in the climate change. It Must be considered the method of paying the poor country in order to prevents logging the Tropical rainforest. The reason is the forest is the natural cooling system of the earth, explained Charles when interviewed by BBC. (more…)

The lake was lost resulting from global warming

A Large lake in Magallanes region, located in Patagonia, is the southernmost part of Chile has mysteriously disappeared, prompting speculation the ground has simply opened up and swallowed it whole. The lake is fed by glacial water, mostly from melting glaciers as the region is known for penguins, ñandus, guanacos, and condors. (more…)

The Drought has threatened Earth

Dozens of million the person threatened lost the residence as a result of expanding him the desert, especially in the area Sub- Sahara Africa and South Asia. The UN report mentioned, the exploitation of the land, not all that the irrigation functioning, as well as the change in the climate globally were the main cause increasingly the dry land. The UN warned, if immediately was not handled, the change in the land into the desert was the global challenge biggest for humankind. (more…)

The Sandalwood

was used for handicrafts. The highest quality of sandalwood came from the part was lowest the tree that was more than 50 years old and grew in the forest. The sandalwood root contained 10% oil, whereas the part and the twig of stick wood contained 2-4% oil. The sandalwood had the fragrant aroma/aromatic. (more…)

The sandalwood was known and used since last ago because useful As for the use of the sandalwood: fragrant the sandalwood was used for the prayer escort, meditation, relaxation and aromatherapy, it was believed could expel the devil or bad spirits, also could be used for air freshener and expulsion mosquitoes. (more…)